Friday, February 18, 2011

-CLOSED- Snugglywunkins Mitten clips and Adjustable snap belts review and giveaway

I received these mitten clips to review just in time for our beautful northern Manitoba weather, which some of you know, is BITTERLY cold.  Mittens are a must, and that can be difficult when you have a 3 year old that is constantly losing them!  Snugglywunkins to the rescue!!  Their mitten clips are not only cute, but also durable and safe for your children (lead-free).  These clips stayed attached despite my spirited 3 year olds efforts to remove them while bored in the back seat :)  Mitten clips come in 21 colors and patterns so you are sure to find an excellent match to any winter jacket and are priced at just $9.00 a pair.  During the off season mitten clips could also be used to make a napkin into a bib for your little one, or to create a nursing cover out of any receiving blanket.

I was also sent an adjustable snap belt which was perfect for those pants that just don't stay up, or leave gaps when your little one bends over.  The snap belts are well made and strong.  Its excellent for younger children who need the benefits of a belt, but do not yet have the motor skills to be undoing and doing a traditional belt.  They come in 3 colors/patterns and are only $6.00 each.

Snugglywunkins has generally offered up a giveaway of one set of mitten clips and adjustable snap belt in the color of the winners choice!

Here's how you win:  (leave your email with each entry)

1) LIKE Go Shop Momma on facebook.

2) LIKE Snugglywunkins on facebook.

3) Go to their website and tell us what colors or patterns you would choose if you won!

Giveaway closes Feb.25/2011 at 12 PM CST.