Friday, May 6, 2011

Old fashioned toys making a comeback!!

I thought I would enlist a handful of older kids to test out this fantastic set of bean bags I received from Klever Krafts. So I packed Rowan up and we headed to a friend’s house for a play date!

In the pictures you will see we had a total of four kids under 2.5 years old testing this product! Tanya with Klever Krafts started making “Bump ‘n Bruise Bags” and then her curious son got a hold of the bag and started playing with it! That is how she started creating smaller versions, just like the old fashioned bean bag!

The bean bags were a hit with the four testers as they would be for older kids as well! The younger kids play with them and toss them around. With bigger kids you could make a crafting project to build props with holes to aim at with the bean bags and then use them! Us mommies even enjoyed playin with them.

These can also be tossed in the freezer to be used as mini ice packs for those owies all kids run into. Although the beans are double stitched in the bags, it is recommended to watch little ones while they are playing with the bags just in case!

Klever Krafts has many clever products and Tanya is always expanding and creating new products from suggestions and ideas she finds herself. She likes her business because it allows being a mom to be more fun and it allows her to make things the way she likes it rather than things that are mass produced in factory somewhere.

Some of her other products include coffee cosies (a protective sleeve for your coffee cup), crayon rollups, pillow cases, bags, aprons and much more! She has a great selection of fabrics and most importantly of all she puts her customers first!

Tanya has an offer for one of our readers! She will offer one reader a $10 coupon to her store and free shipping.

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