Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swimmin' Time!

From our last couple of posts you can see that Rowan (or maybe just MOMMY) loves the jungle theme! So when we got this amazing swim diaper in the mail Rowan and Mommy were very excited!

Monkey Doodlez has inventory we had been gaga over for a long time! So we were thrilled to put it to the test. Our neighbourhood has a lake so that's where we tested it first! The diaper closes snaps and fits snugly and very trim under Rowan's swim trunks. It could be worn without the trunks very easily but because it was super sunny we went for extra sun coverage.

The inner lining of the swim diaper is meshy to catch potential solids. Behind the mesh is a PUL lining which doubles that solids will stay put and liquids as well. I have a fear of Rowan having a massive poo in the pool or lake and the diaper not catch it! I felt very secure with this swim diaper.

The elastic around the legs is also snug, but not too snug, to prevent leakage.

We have been on many swim dates since the first time trying it out and Rowan has been the envy of all of his friends! I am glad to say this swim diaper helped us avoid using disposable swim diapers all summer. We are about to start swimming lessons in a few weeks and I am hoping this swim diaper will last through lessons before the little monster grows.

This swim diaper is much better than the one I had previous tried out and puts my worries of Rowan's poo escaping into the pool at ease because the diaper is pretty bullet proof!

I am very happy to say that we cloth diaper and swim diaper I can't imagine that one of the disposables would feel as natural or comfortable on a baby as this did!

Monkey Doodlez has offered to do a give-away of one of their swim diapers! The winner will be drawn on September 12 at 6pm (MST).

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4) Let me know who would be wearing your swim diaper?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our favourite diaper cover...

I received what has become my most favourite diaper cover in the mail a while back! I love this work at home momma's work so very much!

Michele from Zookies makes some amazing products! Like most WAHMs Michele was looking for a way to stay at home with her two children and make some income at the same time. She was a cloth diapering momma so that is how she came up with her product ideas!

Michele's initial goals are to help with an extra income but she does have dreams of growing her business, and with such high quality products she won't have troubles growing!

Zookies has a website as well as an ETSY shop. Some of her diaper covers are even carried internationally!

Michele does all of the sewing for Zookies, but has a helper that comes in to help cut and iron the fabrics. Which I think is a brilliant idea, considering she has two little children at home.

I have some photos of Rowan rocking his elephant print cover. We have used it to cover our favourite night time diaper which is a hemp diaper and we have also used it as a back up cover for our flip inserts! We have been using it for a couple of months and have never had a leak!!!

The cover we received has the snap rise and velcro to close the cover. The way the cover is crafted rivals that of any big name diaper cover out there. I do not hesitate to recommend Zookies to other cloth diapering mothers and those considering cloth diapering. With the fun prints, the choices in closures the possibilities are endless in what Michele can create for you.

I look forward to growing our cloth diaper stash and adding some more of Michele's fine work to our collection.

Although this blog is all about Zookies diaper covers there is so much more available on their website. Some of their other products include burp cloths and bibs, snack bags, bar soap and the list continues.

Michele has been kind enough to offer to do a give away for one lucky reader and is offering the discount code goshop15 to save 15% on any order over $10!

In order to earn an entry into the random draw to win the cover please do the following, after you do each please come back and leave a SEPARATE comment (each comment counts as one entry)! Please leave your email address with you comments so we can contact you IF you win!

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2) Visit and tell us which print you love the most!
3) Tell us why you would like the diaper cover for your stash!

We will do a draw on July 27 to decide the winner!

Monday, August 15, 2011

BBG Knits

I decided before Rowan was born that he would have a safari baby animal theme to his room. I also decided that he would love monkies, especially sock monkies.

So when Jaime from BBGKnits sent us this fantastic hat and blankie combo I was head over heels! I love my sock monkey as a child so I absolutely love the sock monkey inspired products.

Jaime is another one of the amazing Work at Home Mommas I have come across recently. She is one busy lady! Between running a busy household and her own business she's got a lot on her plate, and she's headed back to work shortly. Her husband fully supports her business and helps with designs and taking photos of her products. Together they have two sons, a black lab, a betta fish, a leopard gecko and two bearded dragons! 

So the products she sent me, are her most popular products and I can see why! We take the blanket everywhere, the hat (toque) lives in the trailer for camping! I was sooo excited that the hat actually fit Baby R's big(ish) sized head! The blanket  is perfect for the stroller, carseat or for Rowan to tote along when we're going out. 

The colour schemes are amazing! I used to crochet, and I thought I was amazing because I had mastered a granny square, and now all of the crafty mommas are laughing at me, but Jaime is amazing. She has mastered the art of bringing the sock monkey back for the new generations!

"I have been crocheting and knitting since I was a little girl and after I got pregnant with my 2nd son, I figured it would be a great way to earn a little extra money while doing something I love to do," says Jaime.

Jaime says she can make nearly anything, right now she is specializing in baby and children's items. She can do some custom work and she is looking into making some photography props for photographers to use. She has made everything from headbands to toys to blankets and is willing to work with new ideas and budgets.

Jaime's products are very well put together, Rowan has put his little blanket through a lot and a trip through the washer later you would never know that it was just at the beach or the victim of  a sick baby moment!

Please check out Jaime's FaceBook site and her different products! She is offering all GSM readers and fans free shipping on any order over $40 to anywhere in Canada or the USA if you send her the code "GSMFREESHIP" to her email

So GSM readers please go check out BBGKnits and show her some love!