Friday, September 3, 2010

The woombie (original and convertible)- a review

This is another fantastic deal-a-day find.  Seriously, this was a godsend in the first 3 months of my baby's life.  I had all those nice swaddling blankets, but when you have to swaddle a baby like 6 times a day, it can get tedious.  And that's where the woombie stepped in. :)

The woombie is a swaddle blanket that takes all the guessing out of a nice tight swaddle.  Nope, no more fighting over who has to swaddle next, and you won't be scratching your head on how to figure it out.  It's simple, lay the woombie open, place your baby inside, and zip them up!  I have 4 of the original woombies that my babe lived in and LOVED.  He slept well, he didnt startle himself awake, and it was easy to put him down (he didn't seem to notice that he was out of your arms because of the tight swaddle).  The woombie is also made of a lightweight cotton jersey material that keeps your baby warm, but will not cause him to overheat.

I received a new convertible woombie to review and I have to say- I LOVE all the improvements that I am seeing.  First of all, they have improved the zipper.  This was one complaint that I had about the original woombie- the zipper wasn't strong enough for my liking, and it only opened from the top which made middle of the night changes a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, woombie has corrected that and their new styles now come with a very strong plastic zipper which opens from either the top or bottom.

The convertible woombie features optional arm openings for when you are transitioning out of the swaddle.  When I received the convertible woombie we were in the process of weaning my son off the swaddle, and I have to say, the convertible woombie made that transition easy.  Within a couple of days he no longer needed to be swaddled.

The woombie retails from $26.99-$28.99 usd and you can get one here!

I'm not gonna lie, it was really hard to put those life-saving woombies away (my baby is growing up too fast!) ...but I have passed them on to another mommy to enjoy and with hopes that she will find them as useful as I did!


  1. I just went and checked out this product! OMG! Lucy needs this! She's getting almost too big to swaddle the "normal" way and with the larger size...she won't be escaping!! Got to get me one of those!

  2. They are awesome, an excellent purchase that you won't regret! :)