Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Half Off- you rock my world!

Wanted to do a blog about my fav discount baby site- Baby Half Off.  Seriously, I have gotten some majorly cool baby items from this site.  Baby half off features much needed baby products like applecheeks cloth diapers (review on a swim diaper coming soon FYI!), EMAB baby lotion (one of my FAV organic lotions, for my baby, not me, *cough*), Bummas cloth wipes as well as gift items like organic i-play tshirts, buckleyboos, and amber teething necklaces (these are fabulous BTW if you havent tried them yet- you must).   And yes, everything I`ve listed here I`ve bought from BHO and have saved a TON of money.  You will also find that BHO shipping rates are the best.  Paired with the fact that they have amazing customer service, well, you can buy without worry from this fantastic discount-website.

Baby half off continues to bring their fans new and cool baby items and honestly, it can become addictive.  I am kind of embarrassed to admit it, but my morning revolves around baby half off much of the time :)  Even when I am trying to save money, I still just have to CHECK to see what is up :P  I still remember when I asked my husband to check the deal he replied to me `Really?  I feel so honored!`  Hahahah yeah, this site is special to me.

Baby half off posts their deal at 9 am CST and features one cool product a day!  You gotta check early though because their deals usually sell out fast!  They also have a facebook fan page which you can find here for some great mommy discussion and hints on what is coming to baby half off! 

On a sidenote, I spent about an hour this morning emailing companies that I ((((((LOVE)))))) to try and get some sweet giveaways!  Had a couple replies already and I will be reviewing an applecheeks swim diaper, Aden + Anais muslin blankets as well as econuts in august!  And yes, those reviews will include giveaways (woot woot!).  So if you`re not following me yet- Start now! :)

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