Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A couple more things... :)

Tomorrow on (another discount site, but not specifically for babies, they have anything from jewelry to dishes) they will be having a stroller event. No idea what brands or how deep the discounts will be, but it will be worth taking a look at.

Also, while bored and the children were napping I found a really awesome VBAC support group on facebook. Not too many members yet, but if you've ever been a part of a group on facebook you know that the less members the better! I had a vbac about 4 months ago and it was an amazing experience. I would encourage anyone who previously had a c-section to consider trying for a vbac. Not only is it an easier recovery, but you are able to bond and breastfeed your baby almost immediately after birth! What an awesome way for a life to start :) Here's the link!


  1. Good for you! Another VBAC mama here... our kiddos must not be far apart in age, since mine is about 3.5 months now. Thanks for the link to the group!

  2. No problem! Yeah my son was actually 4 months yesterday! When was your lo born? How old is your first?