Thursday, August 5, 2010

We LOVE Mommy Necklaces!

I first found out about Mommy Necklaces when I was about 7 months pregnant (with my second babe) while playing around on the internet.  I thought they were the coolest thing!  I went back to work with my first son when he was only 2 months old (he came to work with me a lot of the time) and I had necklace after necklace torn off as my son loved to twiddle and play with all my beautiful necklaces.  So you could imagine how thrilled I was to see a necklace with a breakaway clasp! Really, a fabulous idea for any mom.

These necklaces were designed for nursing mama's who were tired of having their chests get scratched up by wandering hands.  As the product evolved it was purchased by a wide variety of mommies in various different situations.  Some mom's like myself were just sick and tired of having their expensive necklaces broken by curious babies and toddlers, or even bottle feeding mommas who have to bat hands away from the bottle.

Mommy Necklaces come in a variety of colors and styles. My personal fav is "Splash" which I have in tear drop, but would love to get in a single strand!  The blues in this necklaces look awesome with a simple t-shirt and jeans. Mom's who use these necklace for twiddling fingers would probably find the longer styles more suitable, and the shorter styles are better for baby to play with while being held (or worn) - and won't break!

These necklaces retail at $25-$35 USD with shipping to canada $5 flat rate (and a 3 year warranty).  BUT if you are willing to follow the deal a day sites- they show up fairly often and you can scoop up one of these gorgeous necklaces for about $15 (on average)!  Mommy Necklaces also has a facebook fan page which you can find here!  Become a fan to get the most recent news and exclusive mommy necklace deals!

Here is a picture of my little man enjoying my collection of Mommy Necklaces (these aren't toys and are not meant to be chewed on, it was just a nice way to show off my pretty necklaces!).


  1. Great post!! I love my mommy necklaces!!! in fact i can't remember a day that I haven't worn one of them since I bought my first one!! :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out Deb! And YAY Kyla! Glad you love your MN too! :) Raelynn - Creator/Owner -

  3. Thank you Kyla- I know how much you love your mommy necklaces! I think we`ve been encouraging each other to buy more and more for a while now lol!

    And Raelynn- thank you for reading my blog and coming up with such a cool product for me to review! Best wishes!!

  4. Deb- glad you love the splash! And I'm with you Kyla, I wear one everyday!

  5. Yes thank YOU twila for trading with me :) I hope you like the pink riot!!

  6. I do! I wear it a lot and it's at a better length... at least Timothy likes the length better :)