Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I named my blog "Go Shop Momma!"

Just a little blurb about why I named my blog - Go shop Momma!  When we first moved to Flin Flon I didn't know many people and didn't have much to do in the evenings or on weekends.  So my son (18 months at the time) and I would often go to Walmart to walk around and basically just waste some time.  He was just beginning to talk and it had become a habit to hit walmart on the weekend- one morning he woke up, came running into our bedroom and said loudly "Go shop momma?!"   It was the cutest thing ever and was the first sentence my son ever said so it just kinda "stuck". :-)

So there you have it, the story of how "Go Shop Momma" began!


  1. So cute! Love it!! We spend many hours wandering around WalMart too.

  2. Awww! I love that story! I used to wonder Target all the time too so I know how that is.