Friday, April 22, 2011

A Fluffy Giveaway!!

I was very excited when we received our first package of fluff in the mail! Carolyn from Every Babies Bottom sent us one of her diapers to try out.

The outside of the diaper
The inside of the diaper
They carry Papoose diapers, we were lucky to receive one of the Whimsical in White diapers. The outer layer of the diapers is PUL, so no cover is needed and the inner layer is a polyester. The inner layer is so soft which would feel nice against the bare skin. The diapers come with one microfiber insert.  

A rear view of the diaper
Extra inserts are available at an extra costs. We did not have a problem only using one insert, and Rowan is a heavy wetter. The elastic legs managed to contain one of Rowan’s most explosive poops to date!

The diapers are all in one pocket diapers. They fit a bit larger than the other diapers we have, Rowan is on one of the smaller sizes, but that means it will last us longer. There are three options for the rise and the waist can go quite small and quite large as well.

How the diaper fits

Every Babies Bottom just went public last month. It is a family run business. we are truly passionate about all the benefits of cloth diapers. “They are cheaper to use than disposables, better for your baby, environmentally friendly, easy to use and adjustable to fit baby  from newborn to toddler,” said Carolyn.”

Carolyn is expecting her first child and started the business after a family member asked Carolyn to look into cloth options.

Currently Every Babies Bottom is an online store with just the diapers and inserts but they are thinking of expansion in the future.

Carolyn is doing a giveaway once her facebook group reaches 100 fans. She will be giving away a cloth diapering package!

Ask her how to get free shipping and a 15% discount before April 30.

In order to qualify for Every  Babies Bottom’s giveaway you must head over to her facebook group, like it and leave a message for her as to why you want to cloth diaper or why you cloth diaper.


  1. I liked her page and left a message. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Please check out our website at for more details!