Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perfect for your little princess!!!

Good afternoon Go Shop Momma readers! I am happy to present my first real blog to you guys! I was contacted by Tanya from Little Liddy Tutu’s to do a review. However, I have a bouncing baby boy and I do not think his daddy would be too happy to come home to find him in a pretty pink tutu!! So I agreed to do a quick review of her product and then a giveaway!!

I apologize for doing a written blog, but I can’t seem to find my webcam! 

Like many new moms Tanya started too look for something to keep her busy while on her year-long maternity leave. She decided to start making her tutus over a year ago. She wanted something cute for her daughter to wear while crawling around. She certainly accomplished that and she creates some of the cutest tutus I have yet to see!! I kind of wish my Rowan was a little girl!!

Since then Tanya has partnered with her sister-in-law to add some awesome hats and headband sets.

Above is an example of Tanya's work! She can custom make tutus for your princess or ballerina. She as an assortment of colors. Sizing is based on the average child’s waist size, but custom orders can be accommodated. An awesome aspect of the tutus Tanya makes is that hey are made with flame retardant tulle!

So here is the fun part! Little Liddy Tutu’s has offered to do a give away for one lucky little princess!!

1.((MANDATORY ENTRY) In order to receive an entry into the giveaway please subscribe to the Go Shop Momma blog and become a fan of Little Liddy Tutu’s http://www.facebook.com/Littleliddytutus
2. Suggest 10 friends to like both Little Liddy Tutu’s as well as Go Shop Momma.
3. Tell me about your princess and why she would love a tutu!

Please comment below when you qualify for an entry. Please comment separately for each entry. Draw will be made on April 26!!


  1. I don't have my own princess, i have 3 princes...my best friend has the princess i spoil...She is 1 month old and already spoiled to pieces. She is the sweetest little girl ever (she is the first girl for her momma after 3 boys) so she needs lots of girly girl stuff. I love buying for this little sweetie!!!!

  2. I follow your blog, and I like Little Liddy Tutus on facebook.

  3. My little girl will turn 4 this summer, and she loves all things fairy, princess and ballerina.

  4. I follow your blog & I'm a fan of little Liddy's tutu's!
    lindsayegreen at yahoo.com

  5. I follow your blog and I am a fan of your FB page. Hope my future little princess can sport a tutu soon.

  6. I Like Little Liddy's Tutus on fb and I follow your blog.

  7. I don't have any princesses but I do have three princes. I do however do photography and love to put newborn girls in tutus. One of these would make a perfect touch to any newborn session.

  8. My little lady is 16 months old and we LOVE tutus! She practically has on on everyday! We would love to add one of Little Liddy Tutus to our collection! She does beautiful work!!!

  9. My expected arrival isn't here yet but how adorable would she look in her first tutu for newborn pictures? :)

  10. I follow your blog now! and I like the FB pages Go Shop Momma and Little Liddy's Tutus, as well, I referred 16 of my closest momma friends to do the same!
    I first had a baby boy and I found that things to buy him were just not as near as cute as things for little girls! I wanted him to be a little girl so bad, so I could buy him all the beautiful and delicate things a princess wears. Soon came our baby girl and I just love to put her in the girliest, cutest things I can find. I LOVE THESE TUTUS! A friend of mine had done her daughters 1st birthday photo shoot wearing a tutu and since seeing them, I have had the plan to do the same. Macy would look SO adorable wearing one of these tutus for her 1st birthday photo shoot May 13th, right around the corner!

  11. My princess is almost 2 and she'd love a tutu from Little Liddy's because they have the best color combos I've ever seen!

  12. I subscribe to your blog and fan little liddys tutus

  13. My princess is 5 months old - was in the NICU for 2 months because she was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. She loves to feel different materials and I think she would love the feel of a tutu and look so cute

  14. GFC follower & follow Little Liddy's Tutus on FB!


  15. My little princess loves tutus and playing dress up! This would be perfect for her!


  16. Meghan Nichols My little princess is almost 15months old! She loves to put on dresses and twirl holding each side of the skirt in either hand! And who knows baby No. 2 might just be another twirling princess!

    (from FB)

  17. My little princess would love this tutu because she IS a little princess in her mind. She is really into ballet and prances around in her ballet outfit all day, every day. :)

  18. my little princess totally needs a tutu for her first birthday coming up this summer!
    lindsayegreen at yahoo.com

  19. I follow the blog and liked little liddy tutus :)

  20. 1. Chrissy Dayton
    2. Chrissy Dayton
    3. Elisha C
    4. Elisha C
    5. baby4us
    6. Ani
    7. Chana
    8. Mommyof3boys
    9. Mommyof3boys
    10. Christyw3
    11. Christyw3
    12. Ani
    13. sly_109
    14. sly_109
    15. sly_109
    16. Simone
    17. Simone
    18. Brie H
    19. Brie H
    20. The Mitchells
    21. The Mitchells
    22. Meghan
    23. Meghan
    24. greyorange
    25. greyorange
    26. Amanda
    27. baby4us
    28. Christyw3
    29. Joann

    AND.... random.org has picked #12.... Ani, you have 48 hours to email your address to goshopmomma@hotmail.com or we will redraw!

  21. I emailed you :) Thanks so much.