Thursday, June 23, 2011

Discovery Toys!!

As a mom I have become obsessed with toys for my son. If I can somehow find an educational use for the toy it’s that much better. So needless to say I am obsessed with Discovery Toys and most of their inventory (if not, all of it!). So when I received two of the Peek-A-Boo Photo Cubes from Discovery Toys Educational Leader, Kristina Graham, I was ecstatic! Rowan was pretty stoked too as was his girlfriend (one-year-old) Macy.

The two loved the soft toy. The bright reds contrasting with the whites and blacks captivated their attention. The soft rattle head made Rowan giggle and try to find the noise! Although, Rowan is a bit young to “play” he got his hand stuck in the middle of the box and was shaking it silly and laughing his heart out.

The black and white patterned cards can be flipped or replaced with different cards or photos. Kristina herself fell in love with the line of Discovery Toys when she was looking to buy gifts for her sons and soon found herself selling the product. Her two adventurous sons will not complain as they have a toy room every little boy would dream of!!

Kristina hosts online parties as well as in home parties. I must admit the parties are as much fun for parents as they are for kids as you get to test out the toys and see what they’re really like.

Kristina loves how Discovery Toys allows her to work around her busy mommy schedule, have fun while working and visit with other moms.

If you have any questions on how to place an order or become a Discovery Toys Educational Leader just head on over to Kristina’s FaceBook site

GIVE-AWAY CLOSES July 1, 2011!

AND if you want a chance to enter to win one of your own Peek-A0Boo Photo Cubes read below on how you can qualify! Comment after you complete each of the chances (WITH an email address so I can contact you IF you win!)

1)      Follow Go Shop Momma’s Blog and Kristina’s Discovery Toys Page
2)      Comment on why you like Discovery Toys.
3)      Comment on who you would give the Peek-A-Boo Photo Cube to if you were to win.

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