Friday, July 22, 2011

Easy cleanup with Kiddo Designs

I must admit before having a child of my own I used to make fun of the parents who used the full shirted bibs... Thanks to Nicole from Kiddo Designs, I am one of those moms!

I have used the bib she sent me dozens of times already. We started when we started Rowan on a sippy cup. I know you're not supposed to put formula in sippy cups because of the extra pieces inside, but the cups we have are one piece and I clean them by hand with the bottles so I know it's all clean in the end!

Since then we have started with baby lead weaning (or solids) and skipped the cereals and purees. Let me say this bib comes in handy on the days we have squishy pears and messy avocados!

It's simple, it does up in the back, covers Rowan's front so any spills don't go on his outfit, on the inside of the bib has a lining so liquids don't soak through.

This product is brilliant, and only a mom could understand the amazingness of the product! Nicole has added food catchers to bibs in the past.

She does custom orders on her crocheting, which is also stunning work! She makes the most adorable hats. Her most popular product is the brown newsboy hat with a pink flower and trim.  Her two little girls helped inspire her to begin crocheting again and to create her own patterns.

She sells her products in her Etsy store and has some prospects for a small shop picking up her products as well!

For our loyal readers Nicole is willing to do a discount code for 10% off her products. Just use the code: KIDDO10

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